Film: Bench

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Bench is my newest (longish) short film. I like it, and would like to share it with you. My collaborators might also want to share it with you, as they did an awesome job performing in Bench, while also having a lot of fun. Isn’t that just per-fect?

Background on Bench

Here is the story of how Bench happened. If you aren’t interested, and just want to jump right into “HOW CAN I SEE BENCH?!” you can scroll down.

  • Since 2017 was an “all writing” year for me, towards the end of it I got seriously itchy as a filmmaker.
  • Since the writing I was doing was very heavy, I did not feel up to writing even a new short film that I could direct (I only direct my own scripts). I especially did not want to make a drama.
  • Since the writing I was doing was also very time-consuming, and since I also have a day job, neither did I have the time or energy to crowdfund for a new short film.
  • Nonetheless, one day, a simple idea came to me, that opposed all these restrictions. How nice!
  • After my better half approved the idea (for a mostly improvisational, mostly comedic short film, shot over one day in the park), and since I had access to a camera, and some savings available — I decided to further pitch the project to several specific performers, who expressed ready interest in collaborating.
  • I then produced Bench via text and email, mostly on the way back and forth to and from work, and over my lunch breaks, as I could.
  • I then shot the film, allocating my savings towards paying and feeding the performers, and towards renting the bare minimum of added equipment needed.
  • An additional note: I set up the stories included in bench, but the dialogue was all improvised by our amazing cast of amazing people.
  • I then edited Bench during lunch breaks, and after work, on and off for a few months, in between all the writing.

Now, Bench is done and ready to share with the world. As usual, I plan to kickoff release of the film (which is 30 min) with a few NYC screenings, coupled with some additional entertainment.

Immediately following the screenings, the film will be made available for rent or purchase on Vimeo. After that I’ll probably get it set up to stream somewhere.

How to Get Your Ticket to See Bench

There will be two NYC screenings of Bench, at 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM on Saturday, March 3rd, near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. There will be 30 seats available for each screening. The night’s entertainment will also include stand-up comedy and live music.

To secure a ticket to see bench, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Send the chosen amount, matching the below options, to me, via PayPal or Venmo.

    $10 Ticket to Bench
    $20 Ticket to Bench + Digital or DVD copy of The Videoblogs
    $50 Ticket to Bench + Custom Short Story
    $100+ Ticket to Bench + Signed, printed PDF copy of my upcoming novel
  2. Be sure to write in the specific screening you’d like to attend (4:30PM or 7:30PM)
  3. Wait for a confirmation email from me, as seating will be limited and tickets will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Should we sell out before I get to your reservation, I will refund your money and/or set up a third screening.

Additional details:

  • Popcorn and soft drinks will be provided at each screening.
  • You are welcome to BYOB for each screening.
  • Add-ons, like a copy of The Videoblogs and/or a Custom Short Story, will be delivered separately, following the screening. Short stories and novel printouts will take longer for delivery.

Thanks for your interest in Bench! You’re a very cool person.