No Excuses: Filmmaker Tom DeNucci

image7I’ve known Tom DeNucci for a long time. It was great to finally get him on Coffee with Creatives, and he does not disappoint in this latest episode of the podcast.

If I took one thing away from our talk, it’s…the power of action. No matter what you’re trying to do as a creative, if you keep moving forward, with a parallel focus on learning through experience (and from mistakes) — you’ll grow. And results will come.

Other topics that come up in my talk with Tom include:

  • His involvement (and appearance) in the Martin Scorcese produced film Bleed for This
  • Starting as a background actor, and watching everything everyone does on set
  • The crucial importance of attention to detail
  • Digging in as a regional filmmaker, in spite of stereotypes and challenges
  • Getting your movies (or creations) seen
  • The benefits of keeping up a rotation of projects and goals.

You can find Tom on Twitter. Bleed for This is currently in theaters.

As reminders, you can also subscribe to Coffee with Creatives on iTunes and/or support the podcast on Patreon.

Beta Day, Columbia Day: Let’s Make A Special Film

Today on The Videoblogs, we’re asking members of a few special groups, near and dear to my heart, to contribute to the campaign if they can by pre-purchasing a copy of the film.

That can be done here, via our campaign on Seed and Spark.

Many of you in these groups may have originally gotten to know me as the goateed, whiskied young man pictured here:

We had fun.
We had fun. Still do, sometimes 🙂

This man is The Last Permutation of DiBs, the name I used to be known by in years past, and still sometimes use to sign emails.

He is me and he is very proud to be both a member of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Columbia University — and an alum of the university, period.

My life changed the day I got that acceptance letter. It changed again one day when I walked past a table in Lerner Hall where some Betas from the National Office were recruiting a new class of pledges to restart the Alpha Alpha chapter at Columbia.

Those of you who DO know me as DiBs from those days at CU (though the nickname carries over from a line of us from Cranston) probably know me as two things: a writer/filmmaker and a Beta. Okay, perhaps also as the guy with the goatee and the whiskey.

ANYWAY, in deciding how else to spread the word about our film today, I thought it would be appropriate to also reach out to my fellow alums in general to ask if you’d consider contributing to the campaign today along with a few of my brothers.

Again, every dollar helps.

So — Betas, Friends of Betas, Columbia Friends in general…

…if you could contribute to the campaign today and help me make my first feature film, I’d love to count you among the first people to see the film when it’s done.

We believe the film (and our “Phase 2” project aimed at contributing to a greater dialogue on mental health, and advocating for the positive use of tech for personal expression) are worthy endeavors.

What we want to do in making The Videoblogs is to simply scratch up just enough money to get the film made — and then we want to get it out to you. That’s it. We appreciate any help today in assuring that process. No matter who you are.

But, today, we’re hoping a bunch of you are Betas and other Columbia friends and family 🙂


Hometown Battle: Which City Will Win?

We’re running a friendly competition today over at The Videoblogs.

Are you ready for battle?

Here’s the deal. Today, from now until midnight, we will tally the total number of donations from the following hometowns of our team members:

  • Cranston, RI. My hometown, and the eventual winner of this contest.
  • Brooklyn, NY. Rebecca’s hometown.
  • Pittsburgh, PA. The hometown of Associate Producers Zach and Alex.
  • Pell City, AL. The hometown of actor Phoebe Allegra.
You don't really want to mess with Cranston.
You don’t really want to mess with Cranston. (From: Over Easy, my first film).

You can contribute here. The rules:

  1. Each contribution represents one point. One dollar counts as much as one hundred for the competition.
  2. The hometown with the most points at midnight wins. We’ll announce the winning town on Tuesday.
  3. The prize for winning is bragging rights, and exclusion from…
  4. The punishment for losing is that all three “losers” from The Videoblogs team have to records a videoblog while holding a sign that says “Cranston Rules” (because Cranston is going to win). They also have to admit out loud that “Cranston Rules”.

Yes, I am already playing a little dirty with all the Cranston boasting. But for now I have the mic, so…

Are you guys in, or what?

All you have to do to participate is to contribute.

We really want to show all of you the film. So why not contribute what you can, TODAY, and at the same time show us which hometown really rules? 🙂 A download of The Videoblogs is only $10, or grab a DVD for $20.

Here’s an individual incentive, for first-movers…

I will mail a signed paperback copy of my book, AND a DVD of Sex and Justice, to the first contributor from EACH hometown. Respond to a Facebook post from a member of our team with #VideoblogsFilm so that we can identify you.

Okay. Now let’s show them who rules, (Cranston).