Thanks for your interest in my filmography! I’m quite proud that I have a filmography. It has taken quite a long time to build up a filmography. But I love making films so here they all are now — in an ography!

Most of the time, I produce with my wife, Rebecca De Ornelas, and we’re somehow still together despite this fact. She is also the woman who shows up in all of the below clips, as she is first and foremost an accomplished, kickass actor.

Here is some more info on my filmography, along with VISUALS.


Bench: The Latest

Bench is an improvisational ensemble comedy I shot with some friends one day in the park. It is an awkward length and quite weird but also funny and COMING SOON šŸ™‚

Seven people. One bench. What shenanigans will ensue? Stay seated to find out.


The Videoblogs: The Big One (For Now)

The Videoblogs is my first feature film, currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo and elsewhere. It screened in 10+ cities in 2016 and is also available in the UK, Germany and Japan via Amazon Prime.


The Confession: The Silly One

We have fun. I wrote and shot The Confession, which was directed by the illustrious Jaclyn Gramigna.


Multiverse: Twisted Little Sci-Fi Darling

Near and dear to my weird, shadowy heart, Multiverse is the short film that relaunched and refocused my filmmaking, after a few years of wandering and confusion. It has screened around the country and helped us fund The Videoblogs.


Earlier Work

Very instrumental to my development and such a joy at the time but trust me you would not like it as much as the above or the imminent.

Thanks for visiting. You’re cool.