Why It’s Essential To MOVE YOUR DAMN BUS!



I’m getting a late start this morning, because I couldn’t keep my dog off my lap long enough to replace her with my computer. This task literally took five minutes. I told her to get down. She would get down. Then she would jump back up.

The truth is, though, I cherish my morning pup time. I might have let her hang out for some snuggles, first. That’s between us.

I can’t tell you how different it feels to wake up in the morning knowing that there’s an unreasonably happy furry thing waiting for you to roll out of bed. My wife could probably tell you. Except I don’t usually wake up that happy.




So, tomorrow is the last day of #30DaysBlogging. A list of earlier posts is copied below.

It’s been fun. To be honest, it’s also been a bit difficult. I started strong. There were some other peaks, whether of energy or verve, but I’ve been a bit tired. I want to be careful of that.

I don’t have anything explicit to reflect upon this morning (clearly). It’s cold, which is fine. That’s why the dog is on top of me. I slept last night. There are an awful lot of dirty dishes in the sink, spilling over onto the kitchen counter. A few minutes ago, I fantasized about tossing a few grenades in there — solving the problem for good.

I still might do that. Except it would cut me off from the fridge, and my Diet Cream Soda. I’ll need that later.

Right now, there’s a traffic jam outside my window. People are’t happy about it. I think a bus is waiting for a kid. The reason for this guess — a woman has been leaning on her horn and shouting: “MOVE YOUR DAMN BUS! MOVE YOUR DAMN BUS! MOOOVE YOUR DAMN BUS.”

I don’t know, lady. Sometimes there is a bus. You’re only making it worse for everyone else.

But maybe she’s late for work. Or maybe she’s an angel in disguise, playing chess against a sly demon opponent, and they’re both using the vehicles of Brooklyn as pieces in their cosmic game. Maybe her opponent has been taking a long time. Has his finger on that bus. Keeps rolling it back and forth, in the same spot.

I don’t know. My morning tea is just starting to hit me. I don’t even know why you’re still here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but you can go. We’re just fooling around this morning.

I wish I had thought to record that woman. I could have set her as the tone for reminders in my phone: “MOVE YOUR DAMN BUS!”



This is part twenty-nine of a thirty day trial, during which I am writing and publishing a post every day. No refunds. Comments welcome and encouraged!

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