Sex-Bleating and Cat Vomit



I’ve been sleeping deeply.

I dreamed again last night, but I’ve lost the memory. This used to bother me — I’m typically so sure I’ve lost something crucial, the moment that the recollection of a dream slipped finally away — but now I don’t mind it so much when it happens.

Generally, I’ve come to believe that my subconscious knows what it’s doing, so long as I keep up the (sometimes uneasy) truce by feeding it the stuff it needs, like meditative breaks, general self-care, extended stretches of time spent with friends, rather than alone and in solution mode.

I wonder if I’ve also been sleeping deeply because I’ve been keeping longer days. While I’ve been waking up earlier, to write here, I’ve generally been going to bed at the same early time — as close to 9PM as possible. It still shocks me that I now do this regularly.

But it’s nice. I’m not missing anything, in turning the lights out —

Okay. I am going to get real with you right now. I can’t pretend like I’m able to continue focusing on the prior discussion.

I have neighbors who have sex at odd times during the day. When they do, the man sort of bleat-moans, as if a breathless sheep were doing an impression of a person moaning during sex. I have gotten used to this.

But it just started happening– at the exact same time that my cat began a morning vomit-fest.

It’s like she had finally had enough.

Now, nobody (including me) cares about some boring story about how I go to bed early and read myself to sleep. There is only the dark symphony of bleating and puking.

Let’s just sum it up by stating that I am both an adult and a child. I don’t think this is bad. Have a nice day!

This is part fifteen of a thirty day trial, during which I am writing and publishing a post every day. No refunds. Comments welcome and encouraged!

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