Purple Sky of Towering Clouds Over A Far-off City (Day 3 of 30)

This is part three of a thirty day trial, during which I am going to write and publish a post every day. No refunds. Comments welcome and encouraged.

Not purple but you get it.

I dreamed of a brilliant purple sky, full of towering clouds that surrounded a far-off city.

There was a magnificent gap in the clouds, a sort of amphitheater of thick, stubborn, brilliant white, buttressing the center of the city against overrun-by-purple.

Fireworks erupted, orange-white and everywhere at once, below the clouds but above the city, just as the sun sank with that impossible quickness lent to time by dream. I felt joy. Warmth.

All went dark.

Just before this brilliant display, I had been attempting to photograph the purple sky only, had been lamenting a glitch with my camera that had left so many shots of the sight un-captured. But at the urging of my wife beside me in my dream, I adjusted the camera and tried again.

And that’s when the real display of beauty, natural and manmade, shone through the world. After I thought I had missed it, but before I had given up.


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