Keep Getting On Stage: Comedian Leah Bonnema



This episode with Leah Bonnema marks several firsts for Coffee with Creatives. Leah was the first guest to bring eggs to her recording, and the first to decline to leave after the episode was over. She was also the first guest to asks listeners for new appliances and renovations to her apartment, kitchen and shower.

Leah’s funny, but she also works hard. I’m thrilled to share this conversation with you, after last month’s unexpected hiatus (I got busy). Here’s what we covered:

  • How audiences differ, and why it doesn’t completely matter
  • What to do when creativite work becomes a slog (get through it, go home, eat something)
  • The process and difficulty of working at night, and then using your days to get more work (and vice-versa)
  • How to let go when you find yourself obsessing too much about the business side of art-making
  • Making the decision to go full time as a comic
  • Giving everyone your pile of dicks
  • How and why to avoid comparing yourself to your peers
  • Why our society needs more of a certain type of murderer

To get more specificity on that last one, you’ll just have to listen. You can find Leah on Facebook and Twitter. Glad to be back producing the show. Thanks for listening!

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